Director and Speech Pathologist: Samantha White

Samantha completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology with Honours at La Trobe University (Melbourne) in 2000. She is a is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist and member of Speech Pathology Australia. Since graduating, Samantha has worked across a diverse range of settings, including:

In her 20 years as a speech pathologist Samantha has worked exclusively with children and adults who have complex communication needs and dysphagia arising from a range of severe and multiple disabilities including:

Samantha is passionate about supporting clients with complex communication needs to develop their autonomous communication. She has extensive experience in the assessment, prescription, customisation and implementation of Assistive Technology for communication, including Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems (no tech, light tech and high tech).

Samantha works in partnerships with individuals and their support networks to find the communication solution that best supports their language development, communication, play and learning.  She is experienced in providing ongoing support and training for communication partners (including staff in education settings) to implement communication systems to maximise individuals learning, communication and participation within their daily life.

Samantha has a wealth of experience working with children who have complex feeding difficulties, including tube feeding. This includes conducting assessments, developing mealtime plans that address safety and skill development and providing training and ongoing support for care givers and support staff.

​Samantha provides clinical supervision and peer support and mentoring to allied health colleagues and provides medicolegal consultancy services throughout Victoria.

Samantha is committed to ongoing professional  development and has completed additional training in: